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At 6, this kid is the youngest to perform 2 activities simultaneously

Eklavya Mittal, a class 2 student of Apeejay Pitampura, recited the names of all 48 Asian countries along with their respective capitals by identifying their flags, while performing hula hoops in 2 minutes.



The record, as confirmed on September 26, 2021, is featured in the India Book of Records Publications. Eklavya’s father, Ayush Mittal, is a businessman while her mother, Ayushi Mittal, is a senior astrologer and Vaastu consultant. In an interview, Ayushi talks about what propelled Eklavya to set the record, the importance of keeping students engaged during Covid and her son’s future plans.  

What inspired Eklavya to set this record? 

Eklavya is fantastic in hula hooping and along with that he is brilliant in Geography. The credit for introducing him to hula hooping goes to his teachers and his early interest in Geography was sparked by educational games. So, we decided to combine his two strengths. Eklavya was encouraged to learn about Asian countries and their capitals, flags and their currencies. This idea was also to keep him occupied during the pandemic and not to create some record. However, we thought that if Eklavya can get some sort of recognition or reward for his efforts it would do wonders to his self-confidence.

So, what was your next step?

I did a simple Google search on ‘six-years-old reciting flags name’ so that I can have some idea as to where I can promote his talent. That’s how I came to know about the India Book of Records Publications. I did some research on how to apply for the India Book of Records and gradually things began to fall into place. Finally, I submitted the video and after an extensive investigation with meticulous verification of the evidence, Eklavya was conferred with the record.

How critical is it to keep students engaged during the pandemic?

The past year has been a tough one for all of us, especially primary students. Hence, it’s important to help children feel safe, keep healthy routines and manage their emotions. I ensured that Eklavya follows an established routine. The school has done a fabulous job in making online classes fun and engaging. Eklavya also remained physically active during the pandemic by participating in Yoga and other physical activities. He has an inquisitive nature and is more than eager to learn and try new things. We have made a house rule that Eklavya has to read every day before going to bed. I believe parents and teachers have to come up with ways to beat boredom.

Will Eklavya try to set up more such records in the future?

Definitely, but the idea is not to get into a competition with others. I believe you have to compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. Be your own competition.

“Apart from Geography, I am also fond of Maths, English, and Science. I also love doing Yoga. I want to join the Indian army and serve my nation.”

Eklavya Mittal, record holder and student of Apeejay Pitampura 

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