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‘Apeejay Noida teachers are flexible enough to speak to working parents like us after regular hours’

Parul Sharma, a working mom, says the teachers always encourage her daughter to do things independently



Back at Apeejay Noida campus, Parul Sharma’s daughter Prisha is all excited for an enjoyable learning experience with her teachers and classmates. The mother, who works as a management systems auditor at Fujitsu Consulting India, says that even during the online classes, the teachers made great efforts to clear all concepts. In an interview, Parul shares how her daughter is exploring new skills through co-curricular activities. Edited excerpts:

What made you choose Apeejay School, Noida?

One of our close relatives knew some alumni from Apeejay. My brother-in-law was also in the same class and has done exceptionally well in his life. The vicinity and the kind of campus that Apeejay Noida has are exactly what we were looking for in a school. Besides, it is not very far from our house.

Now that Prisha has spent some years at Apeejay, would you say the school has lived up to your expectations?

Yes, definitely. If we even include the past two years that were spent in online schooling, I will still say that the efforts that all of the teachers put in to educate children were commendable. Prisha used to be an introvert in nursery and was reluctant about going to school. By the time she reached kindergarten, she became very comfortable with her teachers and classmates.

What other developments have you seen in your daughter?

Prisha participates in co-curricular activities—she participated in Spell Bee at an inter-school level, state level, and then at the regional level where she was one of the toppers. The reading classes also helped her a lot and now she is a fluent reader. She has taken the Olympiad exams in Maths and English too. Prisha is very excited about all such activities. For some of these activities like colouring, her grandparents help her in case her father and I are busy working. This becomes a great bonding exercise for them.

Has Apeejay’s activity-based teaching approach been successful in getting kids interested in learning?

Yes. I am hoping to see the kids engaged in more such learning activities in the offline classes.

How happy is Prisha after going back to the school campus?

She is very happy to meet her friends and get new books. In fact, she was very excited to tell everyone that her school was finally reopening.

How helpful are the teachers towards working parents? Do they share regular feedback and keep you updated?

That is one of the things which is absolutely great. The teachers have always encouraged her to complete her assignments on her own. During the online classes, there were times when she was unwell or was unable to complete a module. So, the teachers helped her by extending the timelines. In case I missed parent-teacher meetings due to prior commitments, the teachers were flexible enough to speak to us after their regular hours. This helped us get timely feedback from them.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.