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While searching for Biotech courses, ASU was my first choice!

Nyasa Arora, a student at the School of Biosciences talks about her love for the subject and how she chose Apeejay to pursue her dreams



Growing up wondering how our nails develop, what goes into our body, and how humans function, Nyasa Arora had always been a keen student of Biology. In an interview, Nyasa, who has recently commenced her classes at B. Tech in Biotechnology, School of Biosciences, Apeejay Stya University (ASU), and her father, Vikram Arora, discuss how Apeejay emerged on top while searching for ‘the dream college.’

Please tell us about yourself.  

Nyasa: I finished my schooling from Doon Public School, Delhi and I opted for a Medical stream paired with Biotechnology as part of my +2. Since childhood, I have been curious about human anatomy, and have had the drive to do something in Biology. I have always wanted to pursue the course and may want to do research in the field in future.

How did you zero down on Apeejay as your choice for higher education?

Vikram Arora: I run a chain of learning centres myself,therefore, while choosing a college for my daughter, I went through the courses and syllabi of several colleges and universities. I found out that most of the universities weren’t offering the combinations and the holistic model I had in mind for Nyasa. For those who didn’t opt for Mathematics in Class 12, it is difficult to follow a regular curriculum, which is why I chose Apeejay. Though the campus is slightly far from our home, my daughter picked the college once she met the professors at campus.  

Nyasa: I feel that I made the right choice, with the guidance of my father.

How has the online classroom experience been for you?  

Nyasa: My classes commenced 2-3 weeks earlier, and like many other students, I too have been excited to start my college journey, especially after watching popular Bollywood films. The transition from school to college in an online setup has been smooth for me. However, I am waiting for physical classes to start in November. I want to be on the campus and make new friends.

Which courses have you found most interesting till now?

Nyasa: We have about 2-3 lectures in a day as of now, and we have got our time-table recently. Day by day, I am getting to know our faculty better, and have taken 5-6 classes till now. Sessions on Anatomy and Physiology have been very enjoyable. I am also getting to know more about the course, curriculum, credits etc. and I am very happy about it. I look forward to an all-inclusive learning experience at Apeejay.  

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