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Unveiling the mystique of tarot cards



By Jasmeen Kaur

Tarot cards are small paper cards that come in a deck. Tarot cards are a tool for divination, guidance, and self-discovery. They were invented in the 1430s by adding a fifth suit of 21 specially illustrated cards called “trionfi” (triumphs) and an odd card called “il matto” (the fool) to the existing four-suited pack. The earliest known tarot-like cards were created in Italy and were used to play a game called “tarocchi,” which was similar to bridge. These early tarot decks, such as the Visconti-Sforza deck, were hand-painted and commissioned by wealthy families as a symbol of their status.

Tarot cards spread to other parts of Europe and evolved into different patterns and styles. Some of the most famous ones are the Tarot de Marseille, the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, and the Thoth tarot. Today, tarot cards are widely used for both playing card games and fortune-telling, with many custom decks designed for different purposes and preferences. Tarot cards often feature “the fool” card, which symbolises the starting point of the deck.

Tarot cards are said to represent various aspects of life, with “the fool” card symbolising the beginning of one’s journey, which is why they can resonate with our lives.

When a tarot card reader asks you to pick one or more cards, you select them based on your intuition or the energy you feel from the cards, which is why they can resonate with your life.

Tarot card readings in general may not be as accurate as personal tarot card readings because there are limited decks to choose from. It’s possible that none of those decks may have exactly what you need to see. Personal tarot card readings are often more accurate because the cards are drawn by the tarot card reader specifically for you, creating a more personal experience.

Tarot card readings can be found on YouTube, and many of them are free of cost. However, private tarot card readings typically come at a cost. Some tarot card readers on YouTube offer personal tarot card readings, such as Amourinette. Links for personal tarot card readings are usually provided by the tarot reader in the description of their YouTube video. Some tarot card readers offer extended videos with more specific readings for viewers willing to pay for a more personalised experience.

While tarot card readers can provide insights and predictions based on the cards, it’s important to note that the future is not set in stone, and individual choices can change the course of events.

There are two main approaches to tarot card reading: traditional tarot card reading and intuitive tarot card reading. Intuitive tarot card readers interpret the cards based on their feelings and intuition at the moment of the reading, which can sometimes lead to less accurate readings, especially in general tarot card readings.