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‘The Silent Patient’ By Alex Michaelides – A BOOK REVIEW



By Kamakshi Sharma

The novel ‘The Silent Patient’ mainly focuses on Alicia Berenson, a talented girl, who happens to be an artist. She lives with her husband Gabriel Berenson and later in the book is accused of killing him.

Her therapist, Theo Faber, is on the path of unraveling many secrets of his own while making Alicia confess. This book keeps you on edge while you get to know every character personally. However, the author doesn’t let you know the truth until the end.

In short, this book keeps you completely hooked. Personally, what I liked about this book is the way the author lets you experience the past stories of all character’s, their struggles to keep their lives on the right path, and their unique identities.

This book doesn’t disappoint at all and is quite intriguing. The first few pages may not be that gripping, but that’s where the story starts to build and pace along gradually. This book lets you grasp within the lies, mystery, undying questions, and assumptions.

I loved everything about the book. It showed the passion of the author to make the book a success and I’m pretty sure he has made it the best. The simple language that the author used is also a key hallmark. This nail-biting, mysteriously awesome novel is worth a read.