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Teaching through stories: Making the learning process enjoyable

Apeejay School, Noida organises a story-telling workshop for teachers. Educators incorporate many fun ways in their repertoire of teaching skills



Storytelling is an art. Look around you and you will see that everywhere around a story rests in the arms of the given moment. It is only through stories that we make a sense of the world. 

Think about it for a second! It is only through stories that we have learned everything in life. Be it the stories of grandparents or the way our teachers explain the concepts in class. Hence, story-telling is an integral part of education and one must enhance this skill to better connect with the pupils.

 Apeejay School, Noida understands the importance of these little details. The school recently conducted a workshop on storytelling for teachers. And as expected, it was a resounding success. It was successful in equipping educators with invaluable insights into the art of storytelling and its seamless integration with various artistic forms.

Dr. Jaishree Sethi, a distinguished figure in the field of storytelling and education, guided the session with finesse and expertise. Her introduction to the workshop marked the beginning of a captivating journey into the world of storytelling.

Dr. Sethi initiated the session with a poignant story, instantly capturing the audience’s attention. This narrative served as a powerful introduction to an engaging and insightful workshop. Attendees actively participated in discussions, which smoothly transitioned into practical demonstrations and interactive activities.

The workshop provided teachers with a platform to explore the intricacies of storytelling and its integration with various art forms. Dr. Jaishree Sethi’s expertise and guidance facilitated a profound exploration of innovative educational tools.

The workshop concluded on a note of inspiration and enthusiasm among the participants. Dr. Jaishree Sethi’s engaging delivery and practical insights left an indelible mark on all attendees. 

Speaking about the event, Primary In-charge Mrs Smriti Samuel said, “It was evident that the event not only deepened the participant’s understanding of storytelling but also motivated them to incorporate these techniques into their teaching practices.”  

She continued, “This workshop, with its enriching experiences and profound learning, undoubtedly laid a strong foundation for a more creative and effective approach to education through storytelling.”

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