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Golden Globe dances to the beats of ‘Natu Natu’



By: Koushiki Banerjee

The Indian film industry has benefited in several ways from the movie “RRR’s” box office success. This Rajamouli-directed film, which stars Ram Charan and NTR Jr., genuinely belongs on the list of masala or enjoyable movies.

Up until this point, the cast of movies chosen for prominent international award events like the Oscars or the Golden Globes was distinct. Typically, films with meaningful content or ideological themes are given consideration for these prizes, but RRR’s fictionalised account of the lives of two real-life southern revolutionaries, Alluri Sitaram Raju and Komaram Bheem, is filled with emotional drama and is coloured with patriotic songs, dances, and action.

This movie has risen to the top in every category and has won over viewers all over the world, thanks to its superb plot, efficient directorial organisation, best use of VFX methods, audible music, and good acting. Hollywood directors themselves voiced their disappointment that India did not consider “RRR” for the Oscars, despite the fact that it is challenging to claim that its content is universal. Rajamouli and his team therefore put a lot of effort into bringing their film to Hollywood and the Oscars, even if it was not legally from India.

The effort put forth by the producers, directors, and performers for the promotion and exposure of the film “RRR” led to winning a global award –the Golden Globe. “RRR” was the first Indian movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe and to win the prize for ‘Best Original Song’ in the last 20 years.