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Don’t rely on wishful thinking: What I learnt from Elon Musk



By Vikrant Singh

A lesson from a legendary figure applies to my life. The eccentric person who sends people to space and makes fast electric cars had once said, “One of the biggest mistakes people generally make and I’m guilty of it too is Wishful Thinking. You know, like you want something to be true, even if it isn’t true. You ignore the real truth, because of what you want to be true. This is a very difficult trap to avoid”. This eccentric person is none other than the tech game-changer, Mr. Elon Musk.

Elon Musk

This quote of his made me do some brain-storming. I do a lot of wishful thinking myself as well. It whisks me away to a fantasy land. It makes me daydream about my future. I wishfully think that I will become a tennis champion or a scientist. All this leads me to an imaginary world that is completely devoid of reality. I have a question for all the readers: Is wishful thinking very hard to avoid? Is wishful thinking terrifying?

There have always been two types of thoughts. One which we call ‘the real truth’ which is opposite to wishful thinking and other is to just have a wish. I am an action-oriented person and as I am growing up, I am beginning to believe more in the philosophy of ‘Just Do It’ and ‘Don’t Overthink’. However, I still dream and wish to achieve those goals. As I mentioned earlier about me becoming a tennis champion, I discussed it with my father. My father got me enrolled the very next day into a tennis academy. The first few days in the academy were pretty rough. Then slowly I started making friends and subsequently started liking the game. I started to devote quite some time to the game and practiced a lot to improve myself. I played some tournaments where I couldn’t perform well but I still wished about winning and I was not ready to give up yet.

Practice! Persistence! Patience! These three Ps came very handy to me and helped me in achieving success. After following the three Ps I became the U-10 champion. After that I never gave up. So dear readers, I ask you, would giving up wishful thinking lead one to happiness? Think about it. I have come up with a thought that I will dream but also keep a firm grip on reality. I would like to achieve my wishful aims and goals with a lot of practice and smart work.

So go ahead, make a wish. Then work hard to make it true!

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