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Discovering important depths after a visit to Cervantes Institute



By Anandita Bhardwaj

Cervantes Institute is established in New Delhi with a mission to promote the teaching of Spanish language as well as that of Spain’s co-official languages, in addition to fostering knowledge of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world.

Recently,  we went to Cervantes Institute in New Delhi to uncover the important depths of culture, diversity and language.

It was an informational visit to improve our Spanish speaking/listening/writing skills. We did multiple activities such as painting t-shirts, watching a portion of the movie ‘Coco’ and much more.

During the informational trip, Rosa ma’am explained the story of the movie Coco and we learned a lot about the ‘Day of the Dead’.

She was very sweet as well as friendly and was also taking care of us and guiding us the entire day. She gave us a small test that assessed our reading skills. A storytelling session was also organised at the institute and we enjoyed it a lot.

There was another  ma’am, who told us a story about an elephant, she was really friendly, made us feel comfortable and last but not the least, she made us laugh a lot by her actions and her story telling skills.

 Overall,  the school trip to Cervantes was exciting, educational and entertaining. The institute is a beautiful place and I’d highly recommend others to go and pay a visit. The place has a beautiful library where you can find multiple books, and watch movies and TV shows. There’s also a classic cafeteria, auditorium and a gallery where you can have lots of fun!

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