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Digital technology: The ultimate future



By Samayak Sinha

What is technology? Technology refers to the utilisation of technical tools and resources to accomplish tasks that are otherwise challenging or impractical to complete using only human hands and cognitive abilities.

What is digital technology? Digital technology encompasses the use of digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and similar devices that possess artificial intelligence and can execute tasks or simplify processes based on user instructions.

How is digital technology useful? Digital technology has significantly streamlined various aspects of our lives. For instance, communication with distant individuals no longer requires sending physical letters; we can now simply call or message them through social media apps. For formal or substantial correspondence, we can employ email services.

Why is digital technology the ultimate future? Digital technology is considered the ultimate future because it is progressively becoming the standard across numerous domains. Many platforms, ranging from mail services to educational institutions and workplaces, have already integrated digital technology, and others are gradually doing so. Over time, a majority of platforms are expected to transition to online formats.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this shift as many platforms had to adapt to digital technology, and some have decided to maintain this transformation.

Digital assets have expanded their influence across various areas, such as communication and home automation. Previously, correspondence with distant friends and relatives required sending physical mail, but today we have numerous digital communication options like calls, WhatsApp, and email. Moreover, home automation systems now enable us to control lighting and other appliances with voice commands, but the future may hold even more advanced possibilities, possibly including mind-reading communication devices. The evolution of digital technology continues to reshape our lives in unimaginable ways.

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