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Darshan: A peek into the past



By Devansh Gulabani

Once upon a time, there was an innocent boy named Bholu. He was not able to speak till he was 5 years old but slowly started learning and speaking words as he turned six.

On the other hand, his younger brother, Acharaj was very intelligent. While Bholu was re-appearing for his class 10 exams, Acharaj passed board exams with 99%. Bholu was way behind others in his class and passing the boards came as a big challenge for him.

The following year, he tried the last time to pass the exams but failed again. So, he decided to perform penance. For some years, he avoided other activities and only prayed to Lord Shiva.

Further, he started learning and reading about him and also performed yoga under the guidelines of a spiritual guru.

By the time he was back, his brother, Acharaj had graduated from IIT and joined a giant software company, Apple. Together, they started working on their dream project called, “Time Machine”. After working hard for a year, they completed this project and Acharaj decided to resign from Apple.

Later, they visited their grandparents and decided to help people by making them revisit their lost ones through their Time Machine.

And so, they founded their own venture, “Darshan” and kept working. They eventually, became a worldwide success.