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‘Appreciate the class teacher for putting so much effort to manage students in online classes’

Swati Gupta, whose younger son Aksh is studying in nursery at Apeejay Panchsheel Park, says the school has made him feel very comfortable



Being an Apeejay alumna herself, Swati Gupta was aware of the kind of educational environment that it provides to students. A former student of Apeejay School of Architecture and Planning, Gupta was convinced about enrolling her elder son Ansh at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park. Recently, she also got her younger son Aksh admitted to the same school. In an interview, the freelance architect revealed why she chose Apeejay for Ansh and Aksh, who are in class 4 and nursery respectively, and how the school has nurtured their talents. Edited excerpts:

What kind of experience did you have with Ansh at Apeejay, which encouraged you to enrol your younger son Aksh there too?

Ansh, too, joined Apeejay in nursery. Based on what I have experienced in all these years, the school does not just focus on academics but overall exposure. Students get opportunities to prove themselves in every field, from sports to art and culture, without compromising on studies. Students are involved in some activity or the other all throughout the year.

What kind of progress have you seen in your elder son Ansh?

Ansh has developed a lot of confidence. He is well-spoken and has picked up good communication and presentation skills. His general knowledge (GK) is also impressive. He tries to take part in various activities. Earlier, he played short tennis. He plays the piano and also participates in drawing competitions.

Can you share your feedback on the school campus and the faculty?

The experience has been nice. Whenever we wanted to interact with the faculty, they always welcomed us. The campus, on the other hand, has all the required facilities and more, from swimming to new tennis courts, clean and big classrooms, etc.

How well does the class teacher manage nursery children in an online class?

I really appreciate the class teacher for putting in so much effort to manage the students. To do this in an online setup is not easy. The children feel very comfortable and are actively involved in the class. Aksh has visited the school only a couple of times, but he enjoyed himself there. He is usually very excited about school and looks forward to the classes. It was a little difficult initially to make him sit in front of the screen. But the teacher has ensured she interacts with all students individually on a daily basis, which has been a great help. She also asks parents to send pictures of their child’s exercise book to check for mistakes.

What approach does the teacher adopt in an online class to keep children engaged while explaining concepts?

There is a blend—the concepts are taught through various interesting activities and then the teacher also gets students to write them down in the exercise books. Ansh has been learning very well and we are happy with his progress.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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