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The Mysterious Phone Call



By Sanidhya Rustagi

It was a fine Sunday evening. Rahul was alone at home. Suddenly, the phone rang. He picked up the call and said “Hello”, but there was no response from the other side. He kept repeating, “Hello, Hello,” but still no response came from the caller.

The phone rang again after a short while. But, this time the caller asked Rahul if his father was at home. When Rahul enquired who was calling, the caller refused to reveal his identity.

Finding his activities suspicious, Rahul refused to answer any more calls. He went to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water and sat down for a bit. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. When Rahul peeped through the keyhole, he saw a stranger outside the door who was tall and had a long beard.

Rahul felt scared and immediately called his uncle who lived in the same colony. He told him about the incident and asked for help. His uncle instructed him wait inside the house.

Then, he came to Rahul’s house with his pet dog and some neighbours. They saw that the stranger was trying to find a way to break into the house.

Suddenly, the pet dog jumped and bit the stranger’s leg. He was soon overpowered by all the men. Soon, everybody began to praise Rahul for his courage and presence of mind.

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