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‘My worst enemy’: Poem by Shreya Roy, Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park



From the scars on your fingers

From failed arts and crafts 

To the scars in your heart 

That refuse to heal

From the tales he recited to you

As you drifted off to sweet sleep

To the fake possibilities 

That you play in your mind 

To distract yourself from devastating days

Which keep you wide awake

Do you think this is how you’ll escape?

She told you, ‘Do this

And you will heal eventually?’

But you want an instant remedy

You don’t want to go in deep

What are you scared of

From getting even more hurt

Or not healing eventually 

Are you sure you can be

The supersonic woman 

That you aspire to be?

All these thoughts in your mind

That are racing at a hundred miles an hour 

Begging you to start your journey 

Aren’t they enough?

What do you think will cause you to get going 

You or your worst enemy?

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