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The sphere of motivation



Motivation is everywhere – in nature, our closed ones, surroundings, every day in the morning, and throughout the journey.

But what is motivation? In my opinion, it is the power of eternity that always stand by us, whether we are surrounded by a group of people and are famous among them, with nice close friends, or lonely and dumped by everyone. Motivation is a mentor in a new beginning, a mother in lonely times and a coach during the time when a lot of practice and determination is needed.

What do we need if our goal is not achieved after a lot of practice and hard work? What do we need when we are on the path of honesty and still fail again and again? Yes, motivation is the key that gives the energy to stand up on one’s feet and fight any battle.

As the Japanese proverb goes, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Sometimes it feels like motivation always keeps us in a loop of preparation and success, but in reality, it gives us an invisible but strong power and hopes to defeat our fears and overcome them.

That’s why it is very important to live under the sphere of motivation to lead a happy and fulfilling life filled with satisfaction.