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Gratitude is an attitude in this Noida school

The junior school at Apeejay Noida celebrates World Gratitude Day during which students expressed thankfulness towards school support staff members



It isn’t just success, fame or wealth that brings contentment in life. It is only gratitude that helps us breathe and live easily. Our little acts of thankfulness towards the people, who work tirelessly to provide us their services indeed go a long way in making the world a happier place. Gratitude is all about being thankful for everything we have. One must practice it in every possible situation, be it good or bad.

Keeping the aforementioned thought in mind, the students of Apeejay Noida Junior School celebrated ‘Gratitude Day’ during which students expressed their gratitude towards all who support them in life. The class teachers across Nursery to class 2 performed an action song along with their students and helped them grasp the concept in a fun manner. Students across classes 3-5 expressed their gratitude to the service providers and support staff of the school by thanking them personally.

A special assembly was held on this occasion by students of Class 4. The audience was enlightened as students read out soulful thoughts and quotes on gratitude. It was followed by a delightful talk on peace and embodying gratitude as an attitude. Students expressed their gratitude to all the support staff of the school. They thoroughly enjoyed participating in these joyful activities.

Principal of the school Mr. AK Sharma addressed the students and reminded them that gratitude must be practiced throughout one’s life. He said, “Gratitude day reminds us of the effort so many people put in to make our lives easier and better regardless of anything”. He further added, “We must express our gratitude to all the people who help us. We should try to make them feel important and happy. Everyone has a different role to play in our lives. Therefore, we must thank them and express our gratitude towards them.”

Primary School In-charge, Mrs. Smriti Samuel addressed the students and sensitised them towards the significance of being thankful to all. She mentioned, “We must inculcate the value of being grateful in our lives, as being grateful reflects our thankfulness towards all.”

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