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The enigmatic bouquet, the pianist, and a life-altering note



By Vrishank 

When I walked into the living room, a huge bouquet of flowers was there, but I had no idea how they got there. I walked around my living room, but no one was in sight. After roaming around for 3-4 minutes, I slowly picked up the mysterious bouquet. There was a small letter nestled within it, but it bore no name of the sender.

Just as I was about to open the letter, I heard the haunting strains of a piano. Startled, I moved in the direction of the music and to my surprise, there was a man playing my piano.

“Oh! So you’re back, huh? Read the letter and come to the place mentioned,” the man said before I could ask any questions. Before my eyes, he suddenly vanished, leaving me with my mouth agape, pondering the words he had uttered, “Read the letter” and “come to the place mentioned.”

“Read the letter,” I muttered to myself, “Yes, that’s what I have to do, and fast.” With determination, I hurried back to my living room and opened the letter. It read:

“Hello Mr. Kelvin,

You must come to the town’s central park at 10 pm today to uncover the secret of your life.

Your Well-Wisher”

Confused and filled with apprehension, I questioned, “The secret of my life? What could that possibly mean? First, this bouquet of flowers, then the mysterious piano-playing man appearing out of nowhere in my house, and now this note telling me to go to the central park. What on earth is happening?”

I tried to calm myself and decided to heed the letter’s instructions. I checked the time and realised I had only three minutes left until 10 pm. In a state of panic, I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife for my own safety, despite being a karate champion, as terror knows no bounds. With the knife hidden behind my back, I hurriedly made my way towards the central park.

Upon reaching the park, it was evident that it was already 10 pm, and no one was in sight, intensifying my fear. Suddenly, I heard the soothing strains of music, and it was emanating from the park. I began moving toward the source of the music, and to my astonishment, the same man was there, playing a guitar while seemingly sitting in mid-air. The sight was so surreal that it nearly rendered me unconscious.

When I finally came to, I found myself in a completely different world. As I stood up and looked around, all I could see were flowers, trees, and vast plains of grass. My mouth hung open, and my eyes felt like they were about to pop out of my head.