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Road Rules: Look right then left then right again

Apeejay School, Noida organises a road safety awareness campaign as students learn about traffic rules and their significance



Road safety is no basic thing. If you think carefully, you will find that it is the road where you are most susceptible to an accident or injury. A road is a non-avoidable site in the current times and one most vulnerable if unwilling to follow the safety measures. 

To cultivate a positive attitude towards the same, an awareness campaign on road safety was organised at Apeejay School, Noida recently. Class 9 Interact Club students participated in this activity and made several attractive posters on road safety and awareness. 

Each and every poster effectively conveyed the vital message that adherence to traffic rules, staying within designated lanes, utilising zebra crossings while crossing the road, and driving within the speed limit are all crucial for ensuring road safety. 

Through this creative expression, the students not only expressed their own views but also aimed to educate and raise awareness among their peers and the wider community towards the very crucial cause of road safety.

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