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‘I became the brand ambassador for a TV channel during Covid-19,’ says child actor  

Ashriya Gupta, a student of Apeejay School, Model Town shares anecdotes from her acting stints and how her talent landed her in reality shows



Ashriya Gupta, a 12-year-old student, is a multi-talented actor and student. Not only is she academically strong, but a self-taught Casio player and entertainer. She has appeared in many mega platforms such as India’s Next Master Kids – Season 1, Fun Kids India, just to name a few. An emerging artist, she credits her mother and teachers at school for her success. Read On:

How and when did you begin acting?

I started when I was just 6-year-old. Whenever I returned from school, I used to explain to my mother about my day, happenings with my classmates and teachers by acting it all out. And so, during Covid-19, when I had more time at hand, my parents encouraged me to give acting a shot.

Please tell us about your acting-related achievements.

I took some basic lessons for a few months from an academy close to our residence in Jalandhar. After that, I appeared for some acting-based competitions. I was the 1st runner up in India’s Next Master Kids – Season 1 that gave me a free portfolio shoot and two acting projects. Then, I acted in two music albums, one with Kulbir Singh and other with a Canada-based singer. I also participated in a TV show called, ‘Diwali Dhamaal’ that was telecasted at Punjab Plus channel. Their team and eminent jury liked my acting ability and decided to make me a brand ambassador for their channel for about a year.

How was your experience at the TV Shows?

There were many rounds – the first round followed by quarter finale, then semi-finale, and finally, grand finale. In each of these, I had to perform an act based on the situations that were given to me. These shows tested everything necessary for a person to become a successful actor. I had a great time! It was an enriching experience for me.

Punjab has given so many actors, singers and artists to India. Why do you think the trend stands so?

Amritsar and Chandigarh are major hubs for artists and creative people in the state. In other cities, such as Jalandhar, there are very few academies where a person can learn acting skills. However, that has not stopped people from pursuing their interests and talents. I feel that we all are very hardworking and passionate people.  

Your inspiration?

I fondly remember my first performance in school. I was in kindergarten and performed an act based on the urban lifestyle of people. I won a huge applause for it and the Principal of my school gave me a standing-ovation. It really boosted my confidence. My mother and teachers at school have been very encouraging for me. They get me to push my boundaries each day and that is inspiring me. Even during my online competitions during  Covid-19, each teacher ensured to congratulate me personally. It was a great feeling!

Where do you see yourself after school?

I would love to act but I also aspire to become a pediatrician.

Your role models?

Akshay Kumar – his performances are very entertaining. I feel that he goes into the skin of the character and makes his performances very believable. Another actor I look up to is Ritvik Sahore. He has acted in a few web-series.  

Upcoming projects?

I recently auditioned for a web series and have cleared its 1st round. I am waiting to hear from them.

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