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‘My daughter feels at home at AIMETC’

Mrs. Neha Arora, mother of AIMETC student Jasmeen Kaur, speaks about how her daughter has developed a comfort level at the institution in a short span



Mr Charanjit Singh, a businessman and Mrs. Neha Arora, a homemaker, are proud parents of Ms. Jasmeen Kaur, MBA first semester student at Apeejay Institute of Management and Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC). In a short informal interview, Mrs. Arora explains why their daughter has made a comfortable adjustment to the AIMETC campus and how the experience of online classes has been seamless. Edited excerpts:

What made you choose AIMETC for your daughter over other universities?

First, all of Jasmeen’s cousins are graduates from AIMETC and other Apeejay institutions. Jasmeen herself has done her graduation in B. Com (Honours) from the Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA), Jalandhar. It was a very good college and she had a great experience there.

Also, AIMETC provides very good campus placement to its students. We really wanted her to pursue a career in banking, for this field has a really good scope in terms of placement. So, we went ahead and enrolled Jasmeen at AIMETC.

Please tell us a bit about Jasmeen. How is she performing at AIMETC?

Jasmeen is a very studious girl. Her teachers guide her well and remove all her confusion and doubts. She is interested in the practical side of academics and learning. She likes to apply her knowledge in real-life situations. Jasmeen likes reading and has a special interest in technology-based events. She recently participated in a Microsoft Office based event. She is proficient in making presentations and is good at each and every MS office format. She is performing really well at AIMETC. Her first semester exams ended today.

Are the teachers engaging and encouraging the students well?

The teachers are really good. Jasmeen always tells me how comfortable she feels in the class. The teachers are very helpful as well. She praises Professor Rahul Handa, her classteacher a lot and some other teachers as well.  

The teaching staff is very nice. At the time of her admission, I had gone to the campus along with her. She was very confused about the subjects. The teachers had done a great job in making her feel comfortable and had cleared all her doubts.

What is the best thing about AIMETC?

The atmosphere at AIMETC is very nice. Jasmeen is actually a very introverted person, so it is really great that she feels comfortable in the AIMETC campus. She does not feel awkward at all in the class. This is something I love about Apeejay institutions. Every student is accepted as well as respected.

The physical classes have resumed now but how did Jasmeen find the online classes?

Her classes were online for a month before the semester exams. The online classes were really very nice. Cameras were switched on during the lectures, so it wasn’t the case that students could leave during the class. Also, proper recordings and presentations were given to the students. Every study material was available on Moodle as well. So Jasmeen didn’t face any problem during the online classes.

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