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‘I credit this school for producing the best future of tomorrow’

This mother explains how Apeejay School, Noida is the best support system for her kids



Schools provide not only academic learning but also social, emotional, and behavioural growth, much like a home environment. “This school offers structured learning environments where children can explore various subjects and interests, similar to the guidance they receive at home,” shares Shipra Bhatia whose daughter Chahal studies in class X at Apeejay School, Noida.

Read on to know more about this school. 

How has Chahal’s journey been so far?

I am completely satisfied with her progress so far, it is because of the immense support I have received from the staff which has helped my child grow wonderfully. 

How are the teachers here?

They all are extremely cooperative.  Whenever my daughter faces any issue regarding anything at school, she directly goes to her teachers for help and solution.

Which extracurricular activities does Chahal participate in?

She is fond of cultural activities like fests. Once I recall, her teachers spotted her hidden talent of braiding and pushed her for it in an activity. She received such great appreciation for her braiding talent that time, its such a wonderful memory now.  

It will boards next year for her, is there any tension at home for that?

Absolutely not. Since her elder brother is also a pass out from this school, Chahal knows how to handle her studies under her brother’s guidance. Besides we are also there as constant support for her.  

Do you agree that school is the second home for a child? 

We can’t deny this fact actually. Though my son has passed out of school, he is still that disciplined boy which he was back then at school. I can vouch that Apeejay students are very well groomed and make for sincere and disciplined lot.

Why did you select Apeejay for admission? 

When we started looking for the best school for our kids, we came across Apeejay and after researching got to know that it’s the best in education sector. So far, this institute has beautifully lived upto all our expectations as a parent. 

Anubha Singh is the Principal Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. Having a journalism and mass communication background, she has varied experience with renowned print publications like Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and Deccan Chronicle. Her niche expertise lies in reporting and content creation for different core areas. She can be reached at [email protected] for any communication.