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‘I can tackle challenges with confidence and resilience due to this school’

An IB alumnus of Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park, believes that staying calm amidst the chaos is the key to moving forward



Meet Aryan Roy Pal, a dynamic recent graduate of Apeejay School International (ASI), Panchsheel Park. With a profound fascination for Biology and a strong passion for music across diverse genres, Aryan is ready to embark on his academic journey at Trinity College Dublin.

In a telephonic conversation, Aryan provided valuable insights into his school experience, highlighting how ASI has been a pillar of support throughout his life. He emphasised the school’s role in nurturing his academic and personal growth, preparing him to tackle future challenges with confidence and resilience.


Tell us about yourself.

I am deeply passionate about Biology and aspire to contribute to groundbreaking biological research. Alongside my academic interests, I enjoy the dynamic and competitive nature of basketball. Music is another integral part of my life, and I find joy in playing various instruments. Balancing these diverse interests, I am committed to excelling in both my scientific and personal pursuits.

Why did you choose the university to study abroad? What are your goals?

I chose to study at Trinity College Dublin, my choice was influenced by the university’s avid course, which allows the student a lot of time to develop an interest in a specific niche subject. Pursuing Biomedical Science, my goal is to get involved in as many communities as possible, to get exposure to the field of research, and to go on the subjective path toward enriching myself as a learner and communicator.

How well do you think the IB curriculum prepared you for university-level studies?

The IB curriculum in itself is like a preview of the whole film, IB exposed me to many areas of knowledge, taught me the importance of interconnectedness, and enabled me to get a taste of primary research, which was through the IA’s (internal assessments) and EE (Extended essay).

The IB programme taught me to manage stress, anxiety, and time effectively. As an IB graduate, I feel well-prepared to tackle university-level studies. The Theory of Knowledge (ToK) programme, in particular, significantly enhanced my critical thinking and reflection skills. It made me realise that knowledge is multidimensional, with different perspectives offering various interpretations. Claims can be challenged and developed, and through these experiences, TOK sharpened my critical thinking and reflective abilities, which I am confident will be invaluable in university

How beneficial was the Extended Essay (EE) in preparing you for writing research papers at university?

I chose to do my EE in Biology, which involved taking raw information from participants and then making hypotheses, testing the hypotheses through statistical tests, and then coming to a conclusion. These ‘steps’ turned out to be the cornerstones of conducting scientific research. Moreover, I had to look at other research for citations, which made me realise the depth and vastness of biological research in the world, through this exploration I was able to implement writing techniques and methods into my EE.

In conclusion, writing the EE exposed me to raw research papers and the cornerstones of writing a research paper. This exposure and learning opportunity would go a long way in university.

What advice would you give current IB students considering studying abroad?

The one thing that I struggled with throughout my journey as an IB student was uncertainty. This led to nervous reactions and anxiety which affected me negatively. The advice that I would like to give to current IB students who are considering studying abroad would be to “take it slow, soak it all in, be calm and god forbid…never lose hope”.

One thing you loved the most about ASI?

The teachers! Their hunger for OUR success, pushed us forward to break our comfort zone. They were there with us every step of the way, guiding and motivating us throughout.

Abhilasha Munjal is a Senior Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in English from Delhi University. Abhilasha holds vivid knowledge about content and has predominantly covered local as well as trending stories in the digital media.