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‘Everything at this institute was amazing for me’

An alumnus of AIMTEC says that his days here were transformative – personally and academically



He describes himself as an experienced IT & and HR professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education and IT industry. Skilled in Full Stack Web Development, Oracle Database, PHP, and JavaScript with hands-on experience in Digital Marketing with HR Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, and Payroll Management.

He did his Master of Computer Applications (MCA) focused in Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management from Apeejay Institute of Management and Engineering Technical Campus (AIMTEC) in Jalandhar. Meet Tarun Kanodia.

In an impromptu interview, he talks about the fun times at the institute.

Where are you working at present?

I’m working at IK Gujral, Punjab Technical University, serving as an Assistant Registrar. My role is primarily administrative, focusing on the IT systems and infrastructure across the university’s campuses.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My job is a standard five-day-a-week position, deeply involved in administration tasks. A typical day starts at 9 am, where I manage the IT infrastructure, including overseeing IT systems, purchasing, file management, and the complete administration of the Mohali campus. Additionally, I handle training and placement activities across four campuses located in Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, and Mohali.

Why did you MCA?

I pursued a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from AIMTEC (batch 2006 to 2009). My interest in computers from an early age led me to this career path. I have always been interested in computers, which motivated my educational and career choices. Initially, I completed my BSc in IT, followed by an MCA, to deepen my understanding and skills in this area.

Can you share more about the nature of your work and responsibilities?

My role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including IT system management across several campuses, administrative duties, and overseeing training and placement activities. I also coordinate the National Service Scheme (NSS), which requires multitasking and managing various tasks simultaneously. Travel is a significant part of my job, as I need to visit each campus at least once a week to ensure smooth operations.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

One of the main challenges involves upgrading and managing the IT infrastructure, including networking across all campuses. We are moving away from relying on external service providers to building our networking system, requiring coordination with other universities and institutes for guidance and implementation.

How does working in the government sector compare to the private sector?

Having experience in both the private and government sectors, I’ve found challenges in both. Despite common perceptions, government jobs are not necessarily easier; they come with their set of demands and late hours. However, due to family priorities, I transitioned to a government job, which has been fulfilling despite the challenges.

Can you share some fond memories from your college days?

My college days at AIMTEC were transformative, especially the time spent in the hostel, which I believe everyone should experience. It was a period of personal growth, developing lifelong friendships, and engaging in various activities that enhanced my leadership and teamwork skills. These experiences are cherished and have had a lasting impact on my life.

Why do you believe everyone should experience hostel life?

Hostel life teaches invaluable lessons beyond academic learning like leadership, management, teamwork, and organization skills. It’s a unique environment where you participate in diverse activities, learn to live with others, and build friendships that last a lifetime. It played a significant role in my personal development, helping me overcome shyness and engage more fully in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Did you participate in the institute activities?

Yes. Those were fun days. The Pinnacle – an annual festival at AIMTEC – was fun.  I was a shy kid but this institute changed everything for me. I played so many sports here from cricket to badminton to table tennis. We would do this till late into the night. The memories that I have and the friendships I formed here continue to date.

Would you recommend AIMTEC to others?

Definitely. Everything at this institute was amazing for me. The faculty and the mentors I had were brilliant. I got to learn from them.

Shalini is an Executive Editor with Apeejay Newsroom. With a PG Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration and an MA in Mass Communication, she was a former Associate Editor with News9live. She has worked on varied topics - from news-based to feature articles.

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