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‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’

Apeejay’s IB school collaborates with a Russian institution to mark International Library Month 2022



October is the perfect month in India to pick your favourite reading corner amidst the autumn winds. Reading in the sun, on the grass or at home is nothing less than splendid during this time. For Russians, the same month holds historical significance, and despite the winter chills in the country, is dedicated to abundant celebrations.

As the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) commemorates ‘International Library Month’ in October each year, this time, Apeejay School International – South Delhi (ASI) connected with a school in Timiryazevsky village, ‘Municipal Educational Institution’ in Russia to add spark to the occasion. And, Primary-Years-Programme (PYP) students of Apeejay exchanged bookmarks with students in Russia to share the simple pleasure of reading books.

Apeejay School further organised a plethora of in-house activities for their students to help them understand and appreciate the importance of discovering knowledge hidden in the books. “Several events such as a book character parade, ‘Who am I quiz, picture composition, and a special assembly were held to encourage students’ curiosity and creative potential,” says Ms. Bhavna Saxena, Librarian, at ASI. These activities generated a lot of excitement and many participated with great enthusiasm.

Middle-Years-Programme (MYP) students designed book covers, created posters to emphasise upon the 2022 theme, ‘Reading for global peace and harmony’. They also showcased their writing talent through creative blurbs and book reviews. With digital posters, innovative book covers and informative book reviews, students of Diploma Programme (DP) lead the way. “Students from these classes shared insights on thriller, fantasy books, along with some other classics,” added Saxena. When asked about her personal favourite book, she says, “I recently read ‘Echoes of the Soul: Moving Beyond the Light’ by author Echo Bodine. A friend recommended it. However, I mostly prefer fiction-based novels.”

Interestingly, nursery classes of the school weren’t far behind in showcasing their potential during the International Library Month. They too participated in a story-telling session by a parent-volunteer, Ms. Aabhini Singh. The little ones grabbed this opportunity to paint their mental canvas with very many bright colours.

Saxena along with the school’s staff focussed on enhancing the reading abilities, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills of the students throughout the month. Her tip to students is to keep reading and exploring new genres, articles and research papers. “For those who aren’t avid readers, start with something light such as a comic strip. Eventually, you will gain interest.”

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one ― George R.R. Martin

At ASI, we believe that reading helps students develop imagination that fuels creativity. The International Library Month provided an opportunity to engage students in many activities and ignite their passion for reading. The enthusiasm exhibited by all students was something to be witnessed!”

-Mr. Purshottam Dutt Vashist, Apeejay School International –South Delhi 

Mrini Devnani is a Principal Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, conducts interviews, and contributes content to the website. Previously, she served as a Correspondent specialising in Edu-tech for the India Today Group. Her skill areas extend to Social Media and Digital Marketing. For any inquiries or correspondence, you can reach out to her at [email protected]

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