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Small achievements can bring you happiness



By Manjeet Kaur Dhingra

Happiness is one of the ways to live a beautiful life as a whole, but nowadays people are not that happy in their lives. The habit of overthinking and reacting to situations has affected their mental peace.

Since our childhood, all of us have been running in a race of achieving goals and being successful by completely forgetting about our happiness.

If I talk about infants they need mothers around them. Teenagers are happy with friends because they feel relaxed and can easily share their problems. Adults need money to fulfill their demands. 

At the end, everyone is looking for happiness, which they believe is only possible after winning and fulfilling their dreams. 

Similarly, I also had a habit of overthinking and reacting fiercely to things. But the problem with me was I wanted to explore success by neglecting my dreams and needs that make me happy.

But as per my experience, I have realised that a lavish lifestyle is not the way to live and have prosperity in life. It is by enjoying every step to success that leads you to a positive way of life. 

Being satisfied by small achievements may ultimately lead to happiness!

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