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From pitter-patter to sparkling spring, tiny tots embraced seasons at Mumbai school

Apeejay Nerul’s pre-primary wing taught students the cycle of Mother Nature



To facilitate the spirit of learning, teachers and staff at Apeejay School, Nerul’s pre-primary section introduced class 1 students to the four seasons in a year. Learning about different times of the year came as a great opportunity for tiny tots to understand the concept of change and time. In the process, they also learnt more about the environment and nature.

The theme of the day was, ‘The cycle of Mother Nature’. Along with the students, their parents also participated at the event. The project was inaugurated by Mr. Rakesh Joshi, Regional Director, Apeejay Education at the school’s pre-primary activity hall.

Decorated to depict the four seasons, the hall was set using relevant décor and props. Each student was allocated a season and was asked to dress up for the same. Section ‘A’ students came in summer attire and a wonderful beach, desert scene was created by the teachers. In one corner, all things summer were made available such as clothes, seasonal fruits and festivals that are celebrated during the season. “The school put up a great show and the idea of using visual tools and techniques at the event helped students attain concept-clarity. My daughter Shamita was very excited to be there. I am happy about this initiative,” says Ms. Ashima Paul, a parent.

The pitter-patter of the season’s first rains got Section ‘B’ excited! All the students were armed with colourful umbrellas, raincoats and glasses. In the backdrop of beautiful waterfalls and realistic raindrops from the clouds, they understood more about the flora and fauna of the season.

Taking the idea from ‘I for igloo, I for ice’, section ‘C’ students showcased the Winter season. They were able to relate to the snow-clad mountains, the pine trees, and snowmen through the setup in school. The teachers also exhibited a beautiful fireplace showing one of the techniques of keeping oneself warm during the season. Section ‘D’ made one marvel at the bounties of the Almighty in ‘Spring’. Flowers of various shapes, sizes and scents were decorated at the hall. A play area was created as children played on the slides. Ms. Alex Jesus Briji, parent of Bryndon says, “I have no words to express the joy we felt at the event. It was a great way to make students learn. Every part of the room had something to tell them.”

Ms. Mrinalini Singh, the pre-primary coordinator of the event says, “The theme was perfect to make students learn about the weather, clothing, and nature. The detailed work, wall decoration and the passion in explaining was really a standout. In a visual format, students gathered the necessary know-how and information. Parents too put forward their tremendous contribution and students enjoyed the activities. It helped in building their confidence.”

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