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Tony’s Diary



Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tony. He didn’t have a surname. Because of which, all the kids in his school and society used to make fun of him and call him Tony Null, meaning Tony Nothing.

He had just moved to India from his home in Ohio, and expected very warm welcome from the kids in his school and society. Instead, they laughed at him, and whenever he tried to speak to them, they would act confused, as he didn’t know the Indian language except for the word “Namaste”, which is a formal greeting in the Hindi.

It was not easy for his parents as well. 

They were not Indian either and had trouble getting basic things in their home, even the home itself. Tony took admission in a school. Upon joining, he faced lots of struggles. There was hardly anyone to support him learning the Hindi language, as even the closest people to him had no way to help him. When he came to learn that there are multiple exams in a year in India, he was astonished. After knowing this, he immediately started preparing thrice as hard for his Hindi exam due to his agitation.

He wasn’t getting any time to enjoy. When he tried going outside to make friends, kids would point at him and say “Run! It’s the American Boy!!” leaving him alone. If he tried to talk to them they would tease his accent. Every second he stayed there, he would hurt himself and feel hollow.

On his birthday, no friends came to his home to celebrate, because he had none.

The word “friend” had fallen out of his vocabulary. He didn’t even have a sibling. But there was one point in his life when he made a friend. That friend was his diary. He didn’t write in the standard diary entry format. He wrote in the way he wished to.

In the end, he started making some more friends and his vocabulary got better as it came after a millennium. He grew up to be a world-renowned writer.

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