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Aspiring Artist

This budding artist can speak 5 languages including Spanish, Chinese

Student of Apeejay School International – Panchsheel Park mentions how she attained equal ease and skill in both 2-D and 3-D artforms



Reha Aggarwal is a student of Apeejay School International – Panchsheel Park. She is an artist who is one notch-up better than others. The reasons are plenty, her bold choice of themes, expertise on various artforms and a penchant for exploring more artist avenues.  

Selected as this week’s Apeejay Artist, Reha shares her perspective and artistic philosophies with us in a candid interview. She also speaks about her life beyond the canvas. 

Read edited excerpts: 

I have been drawing since first grade. I love depicting various objects, works of art among other things. However, since class 10, I started taking drawing more seriously. I practised using various objects I saw around me, including 3D objects and hand motions. My love for art went a notch up. 

One of my favourite types of art is abstract art since it allows the creator to freely express their thoughts and feelings on the canvas. It’s the most stress-free kind of art since the pieces are emotionally charged.

My school coordinator and my art teacher have always supported me ever since I was accepted into the school. My passion has always piqued their interest. My school gave me the self-assurance I needed to pursue my passion for art and gave me numerous opportunities to exhibit my work.

Art is a means of expressing my feelings, not just a subject or a profession. I’ve always thought that everyone in the world has unique methods to communicate their ideas and emotions, and art is one of those methods. We may better comprehend the world and ourselves via the power of art.

Sincerity be damned, it depends on the kind of composition and the medium. I typically need 15 to 20 hours to finish a 2-D piece, and a month or longer to finish a 3-D piece. As a grout artist, I prefer to investigate my concepts and subjects deeply in order to bring them out as clearly as possible. 

My forthcoming artworks will be quite intriguing and an exploration of several art forms. I’ll create a digital artwork, a mural, and a sculpture with themes of marine life and human sensuality.

Digital art is a new genre I’d like to study. Despite the fact that I have experience with both 3-D and 2-D art, I particularly want to explore lens-based mediums like stop-motion, digital photography, and video art.

Other than creating art, I enjoy listening to music because it helps me focus and keep cool under pressure. Learning new languages is another pastime of mine. I already speak five languages, including Spanish and Chinese, and I continue to improve on the other two.

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