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‘Teachers at Apeejay Greater Noida give time beyond school hours to help with lessons’

Renu Pal, whose children Avni and Ishaan study in Apeejay International, Greater Noida, says she is very satisfied with its rich learning environment



Renu with her husband Subhash Chandra Pal and their kids

Renu Pal, a teacher at Ananda Marga Primary School, wanted her children Avni and Ishaan Pal to be enrolled in an institution that would shape them as good human beings so that they can contribute to society. She chose Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, which promotes children’s holistic development. In an interview, the mother-of-two tells us what improvements she has seen in Avni and Ishaan, who study in classes 8 and 2 respectively:

Why did you choose Apeejay International School, Greater Noida?

We enrolled Avni in the fourth standard after we moved from Noida to Greater Noida. When we started looking for a good school for Avni, my priority was that she should go to an institution that inculcates good moral values, love for one’s culture and the country, and a sense of responsibility towards society. To ensure this, it was important that the school had a good teacher-student ratio so that she was able to pay attention to all children. This is exactly why I chose Apeejay International Greater Noida for my children.

What positive changes have you noticed in Avni since the time she joined school?

Avni can now speak English fluently and confidently. During the online classes, she developed an interest in all kinds of co-curricular activities and has been participating on a regular basis since then. Dancing, music, drawing, and drama are her main areas of interest. In the process of attending classes virtually, she also learned more about computer applications.

Has the school fostered Avni’s overall personality development?

While my daughter has been an active participant right from the beginning, she has shown significant progress over time. Although in class 8, she already aims to pursue Civil Services. The fact that she is thinking about her career is because of the rich learning environment Apeejay provides.

What about Ishaan?

Ishaan was so shy earlier that we were worried if he would be able to adapt to the school environment. But he is improving with each passing day. He learned a lot during online classes; parents learned in the process too! The curriculum comprises a lot of interesting learning activities which have helped my son grasp concepts easily. In case he struggled with any topic, his teacher gave him time beyond the regular school hours.

Ishaan is very curious about space and tries to learn about it as much as possible. He wants to become an astronaut. His reading and writing skills have improved tremendously. His teachers have told me that he always comes forward to answer any question asked in class. I am very satisfied with Apeejay.

Do the teachers encourage and push your children to give their best?

Absolutely, they always motivate my children. They are very cooperative. Even if there is a need for the slightest improvement in my children, the teachers make sure to convey the same in a one-to-one conversation. They guide us very well.

What do you think of the teaching methods used?

Teachers use interactive methods to explain a topic. They do not unnecessarily rush to complete the syllabus. They are very patient and give children in-depth knowledge of all concepts.

You mentioned you wanted a school that would teach your kids moral values. What have they learned at Apeejay?

My children know a great deal about their country. They know how to behave politely, respect elders, and etiquette.

What is your relationship with the teachers like?

The school principal is very good. She is cordial and spreads positive vibes. Coming to the teachers, I have developed a good relationship with them and can rely on them in case of any concern. They share a very good bonding with our children.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.