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‘Practical knowledge has real power!’

Kajal Vats, Apeejay School of Management alumnus advises current students to go beyond the written text by applying ideas and concepts in real life



Kajal Vats, is an alumnus of the Apeejay School of Management (batch of 2018-20) She is currently working as HR Manager at Nilank Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

 In an exclusive interview, the Human resources expert who is about to embark on her start up journey gives an insight into her work and vision. She also reminisces about her days at ASM and shares life lessons with students to make the most of their education. Edited expert

What does a day at the office look like?

Every day I get to learn something new. Exploring different challenges and enhancing my potential every single day makes me love my work at the office. People always say that HR is a very easy domain, well it’s not. But it’s definitely fun. I start my day with a ‘to do’ list which makes my work flow very smooth as well as interesting. Some fun activities at the office are like the ‘cherry on the top’. I enjoy my work and look forward to a productive day at the office.

So, what inspired you to join this field of work?

Well, honestly I never knew I would end up in this field. But now that I am here I would like to thank my professors at Apeejay School of Management(ASM), who guided me and helped me to go for HR as my career. They knew my skills and inherent qualities better than myself and I am so grateful to them for their vision and encouragement towards me.

Throwback time! Tell us about your life as a student at ASM?

At ASM, I got a plethora of opportunities to explore myself. I was part of a plethora of cultural events.  I was involved in the organising committee and sometimes was an enthusiastic participant as well. 

When it came to my academic progress, my professors were always there to answer my queries and even helped me prepare for my job interviews. 

I made some really good friends at ASM. I hold dear to my heart the amazing bond with the classmates and teachers and the memories I made there, I will cherish them for a lifetime.

1 life lesson for current Apeejay students?

Theoretical knowledge has its own significance but practical knowledge has real power. So, don’t limit yourself to only reading the powerpoint presentations and notes shared by the professors. Instead you must try to implement those concepts in real life. 

Your future targets in life?

I am planning to begin my start-up venture super soon. I am focussed on making it a success. My entire attention at the moment is centred towards this.

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