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 ‘Never limit your thinking’

Karan Dubey, a software developer at Jio company, explains why to leave the door open as new opportunities may come anytime



Karan Dubey works as a deputy manager and front-end software developer at Jio Telecommunications company. He is an Apeejay School, Kharghar alumnus and a former science student who loved football and disliked coding. 

 In a quick telephone conversation, the software man tells us about his best memories from his alma mater and also has a few practical advice for the current students. Edited excerpts:

Tell us a bit about your work profile?

I started working at the Jio company in 2018. I had joined as an assistant manager then. Then, I was promoted to the position of a deputy manager. I manage an inhouse product called the Jio Coverage Platform (JCP) that the 4G and 5G network team uses to check network statistics and performance. It is front-end development work that we handle. 

What inspired you to join this field of work?

The considerations were purely commercial (laughs); I had only the monetary benefits in sight!

Best memories from your school days?

Sports Day! I was the sports captain and the inter house football tournaments were a cherished moment for me. I was very much into athletics and football at school.

One piece of advice for the current students?

Keep your basics clear. Don’t limit what you are capable of! I never intended to join the software domain but I landed up here somehow. I was a computer science student but I was never inclined towards coding. So, as you can see from my example, never limit your thinking to a certain domain because you never know what life throws at you!

Finally! Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

 Probably, leading a bigger team and working on bigger projects!

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