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NEET UG 2024: ‘Gaining confidence was key’

Read the journey and success strategies of the Manasvi Duggal from Apeejay School, Pitampura



Excelling in the NEET examination is a dream for many aspiring medical students, and Manasvi Duggal from Apeejay School, Pitampura, has achieved this remarkable milestone with a score of 671 out of 720. 

Apeejay Newsroom had the privilege to speak with Manasvi about her journey, the support she received, and the strategies that led to her success.

Read edited excerpts:

How did you feel about your NEET rank and score?
Honestly, I was expecting a rank around 5,000. Initially, I felt a bit disappointed, but then I realised that achieving such a rank in a competitive exam like NEET is still a great accomplishment. So, I’m happy but also a little sad.

Can you share your study routine and what helped you the most in your preparation?
I studied for short durations with frequent breaks, but I maintained full focus during my study sessions. This approach really helped me. The teachers at Apeejay were incredibly supportive, especially with the new NEET syllabus, which included practical courses. Their assistance with board preparation and practicals was invaluable.

How did you tackle the challenging subjects, particularly Chemistry?
Chemistry was tough for me initially, especially organic chemistry. I overcame my fear by practising as many questions as I could until I started getting them right. Gaining confidence was key, and then it all started to make sense.

What motivated you to choose medicine as your career path?
The main reason for choosing medicine is the opportunity to help people and save lives. It’s a profession unlike any other. Despite the obstacles, I stayed focused on my aim and believed in my ability to achieve it.

How did you balance extracurricular activities with your board and NEET preparations
Extracurricular activities were a small part of my schedule. I integrated my board and NEET preparations by practising MCQs related to my board subjects, which helped me in both exams.

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What are your future plans now that you have your NEET results?
Given my rank, I’m exploring university options in Delhi. I’m considering specialties like oncology, due to its research opportunities, and plastic surgery, which has always fascinated me.

How did you manage stress and stay motivated during your preparation?
I dealt with stress by taking short breaks, like watching a YouTube video, to distract myself. Getting questions right boosted my confidence. After my board exams, I intensified my preparation, studying for 10-12 hours a day, focusing on practising questions since my theory was already clear.

Do you have any advice for future NEET aspirants?
Once your theoretical concepts are clear, practice as many questions as possible. It boosts confidence and prepares you well for the exam. Hard work always pays off, so stay focused and believe in yourself.

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