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‘Woman’: Poem by Noyonika Dev Sharma, Apeejay School, Nerul 




They have not seen your scars
Since they think it exists only as lines
But they have their terms ready again
Just to define
You, as a woman
The pains you face
Are nothing for them
‘Oh it’s just one of your days!’
Brushing all of as if it’s the same

Think they all go through, but they don’t see you as a woman
The acres of land are developed far and wide
But are the matters the same with your mind and heart?
The generations grow as the stereotypes subside
But why are they still pulling you down
Making you regret being a woman?

They worship the idols of you
But they don’t even care for the real one
In this context, there is so much they do
But step out to see how the real world is,
For you, as a woman.

You still go on strongly
Fighting for yourself
But I still ask you this
Why do you even have to fight?
Aren’t you supposed to have it since birth?

The society has embedded in all
That you have to struggle for what should come at ease
And if you ever do hurt or fall
It’s not because it’s what they please
It’s because you are a woman.
They say they have changed themselves
They are ready to accept you this time
But hear me out once on this, before in gratitude you delve
Why do you need their acceptance
To be a woman, who you are?

 Noyonika Dev Sharma
Class: XI D
Apeejay School, Nerul

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