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Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar has helped increase my child’s attention span: Esha Goyal



Esha Goyal with her son Rehaan

Esha Goyal is a former physiotherapist and currently a homemaker while her husband Sajan Goyal is the Ratings head at Care Ratings Limited. Their son, Rehaan Goyal, is studying in LKG, Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar. In an interview, she explains how the school has improved Rehaan’s attention span

Why did you choose Apeejay?
I visited all the schools in my vicinity and I found Apeejay the most desirable. Apeejay has a very good reputation in Jalandhar. When I visited the school, I liked the infrastructure, teachers…everything about the school was perfect. Picking Apeejay was an easy decision for me.

Tell us about your experience with the school?
Rehaan was around two-and-a-half-years-old when he joined the school. He had a short attention span so it was a Herculean task to make him sit for the online classes. Teachers have put in a lot of effort to make him feel engaged in the class. Before every class, teachers used to have a casual chat with Rehaan for five minutes to make him comfortable. Even during online classes it wasn’t easy for the teachers to keep him interested for the entire length of the class. Rehaan likes painting, so the teachers used to give him interesting drawing activities to make him feel more engaged in the class. Slowly and steadily his attention span increased.

Are you happy with the teachers?
They are doing a fantastic job of making learning fun and it is benefiting students immensely. Let me illustrate this with an example. Recently, Rehann was asked to speak five lines about his favourite toy. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rehaan speak on the topic with confidence and fluency. I was in awe of his feat even more when I asked a six-year-old to speak five lines on his favourite topic. To my shock, the kid was unable to speak. I felt so proud of Rehaan.  

What do you like most about the school?
The best thing about Apeejay is its emphasis on family bonding. The school uses occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents Day to bring the families together. The events are structured in a manner that necessitates the participation of family members. This helps in inculcating values among children. Recently, on Doctors’ Day, a student whose parents are doctors were called as special guests to talk about Covid-19.

“Kudos to Apeejay teachers for making learning fun and engaging. Not just my son, but most students from his class have excellent impromptu speaking skills.”

Esha Goyal

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