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Being Yourself is What an International University Wants, Says Anushka Gulani A Student of Apeejay School, Noida



Anushka Gulani

Anushka Gulani (18), student of Apeejay School Noida, also nominated for Dr. Stya Paul Award is all set to fly to The University of British Columbia, Canada to fulfil her dream of pursuing her higher studies in a global university and later settle abroad for the rest of her life. She has got a scholarship of Rs 20k Canadian Dollar for the first year.

Why have you chosen a global university?

Well, it was pre-decided since the early age of my life. Me and my parents  want me to work and settle abroad. I always had a vision that I wanted to settle abroad. Pursuing my higher education abroad is only the first step on the ladder. I want to do my masters and doctorate in Psychology from there and will find a job for myself. Even though I have a guilt that my parents are investing so much for my higher education, in the end this is all that I and my parents wanted for a bright future.

What made you achieve your goals?

Apart from the zeal within me to study abroad, Apeejay Education has played a very vital role. From my Rhythms I studied in Apeejay School, Noida and I am very proud of the schooling I got. All my teachers and other faculty members have always helped me grow as a good human being and have filled values in me from a very young age. I took Humanities with Maths, Psychology, Economics and English. It is not easy for teachers to teach these subjects online, but all the credit goes to my teachers.

Challenges you have faced during Covid-19?

As I said, we have a great school. So, honestly I didn’t feel any difference in offline schooling as all my online classes were equally efficient. Studying during pandemic was not at all a problem. But yes, during the application process to opt for scholarship it was challenging to collect documents and signatures. Apeejay’s administration has always been very smooth and helped me catalyse the transcript process as well.

Tips for international university aspirants?

Support from your family is the key to giving flight to your dreams. Then, it is good to start early as it is difficult to get admission for masters than an under-graduation programme. Completing the application process at the earliest is very important as it gives you time for your application to be reviewed and you get your decision early. You get time to choose between different universities and will have time to collect all documents.

A take away from your experience from application to getting a scholarship?

Writing easily plays a very important role. You have to take a lot of time to write.  You can’t just rush it up. That can make a difference to your application, so invest a lot of time in that. Be authentic in whatever you write. Don’t try to portray yourself as the university wants you to be.  I am grateful to the value-based schooling by Apeejay that always taught me to be myself.  

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